Enclica software UK.

About Enclica software upcycling and referbishment programme

What is it?

Enclica Software, hoping to save the enviromental impact by reusing old machines by fixing them up and selling on these pcs are coming from individuals and businesses across the UK as donations.

What is your process for upcycling.

Stages 1-3

Stage 1 consists of retreiving the pcs from individuals and businesses by either requesting them directly or they contact us either by social media or through our website.

Stage 2 consists of diagnosing the pcs to see if there are any issues we dont touch any data in this step as were mearly seeing if the system boots.

Stage 3 consists of erasing any data from the harddrives/ssds.

Stages 4-6

stage 4 consists of fixing any hardware issues in the pc discovered by the diagnostics.

stage 5 consists of going through a checklist of issues and seeing if there are any problems further on.

stage 6 consists of putting them up on market places and selling on to other people/businesses

What happens if the pc cant be fixed?

If the pc cant be fixed we will salvage any parts we can and recycle the rest at an appropriate recycling facility.

Some things cant be put into recycling facilities so we turn them into art.

What we accept.

We accept the following:

  • All computers
  • All laptops
  • All desktops
  • All servers
  • All mobile devices

Join or donate.

how do i join the upcycling programme?

We are always looking for people to join the upcycling programme. If you are interested in joining please contact us on our social media accounts or email upcyling@enclica.com.

Have a pc you are willing to donate?

Donate PC (Southampton, Gosport, Fareham, Waltham Chase, Bishops Waltham and surrounding areas) agreement form.