Enclica software UK.

Developer solutions

These tools are great for hobby and indie developers.

Open canvas

Open-canvas, an opensource fork of our canvas tool in excenote

Github link

Open-canvas demo

LEGAL: Open canvas uses MDB and JQUERY for both js and styling all rights are reserved for those 2 libaries.


Sugar is a art sharing network with upload, delete, age check and more.

Sugar demo

Sugar Github

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions for developers in a enterprise enviroment.

As this is enterprise grade you will have to pay.

Currently avalible...

Evm is a tool used for compiling testing and running solutions as plugins full developer documentation avalible under support.

download Tool and documentation

Coming soon...

Dynamic PHP page, a dynamic page that can be made for purpose flexibility, customization, simplicity.

Inventory manager, Manage your inventory easily with scanners or manual input through a server.


EWD (Enclica web design) is a tool used for designing and building websites for production this tool is in alpha but from this we have a short demo for you.

This demo has many features missing or inaccessible in the demo as this is mainly to help people from CWD transition to EWD.

EWD page