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About Enclica software

Who we are

Enclica Software, is a software company owned and operated by Kessan J. Robertson. We are currently reconstructing our website to gain better security. Enclica software mainly produces enterprise software; however, occasionally provides consumer software. We supply any demand. We do not tolerate toxicity on any of our platforms. We're trying to create a safe toxic-free environment for everyone. We are Enclica Software!

Staff Team

Kessan Robertson

Kessan has years of experience in the industry of software development and has demonstrated this experience throughout multiple positions.


Josh has had experience in sound design and development in linux based software. His current role is to work on Forest OS desktop and server.

Our origins.


In 2017 we started off as creative software where our target was to build software and treat it as a experience.

Our idea went extremely well as our software began to grow bigger and bigger.


2018 was our year to show what we had made so we first made the first itiration of a online art sharing tool called furryfan. Furryfan was our way to show the furry community that we made and it grow from artists and we countinue to update it to this day.

2018 was also a year to begin developing more software and create a new experience called Modrick for the desktop space. Modrick was a open os based of the Modrick kernel Modrick was named as a way of saying modifier ricker meaning the OS handled tasks if they were present to the user.


2019 was a year to update furryfans codebase so at that time we updated it to be more efficent for users and update it acording to users feedback. 2019 was also a year fo restructuring for a more modern experience to users and we started our own record label BlueFox records which is a record label built for indie artists and bands of any genre.

We also renamed modrick at this time to forest of as each process is like a tree with roots and branch processes.


2020 was a difficult year for everyone with issues with covid and other financial issues across the globe. We managed to survive and create some new targets as more poeple were moving online to places like discord and zoom we created a tool for everyone called enclica messenger. Enclica messenger is a open source messaging client for the Enclica expereince.


2021 is the beginning of the new enclica software name. We also have been working more on programs like Canvs and Enclica messenger.


Background images.

All the background images are corelated by picsum


Logo designer

Enclica logo 2021 designer is Uzma N on freelancer. FL link

Logo animator

The animator for the logo is Shovon D on freenancer. FL link

excenote Logo designer

excenote logo designer is Mohammad Raihan A on freelancer. FL link

Furryfan logo designer

furryfan logo designer is Bojan J on freelancer. FL link

Extra credits for help building enclica today specifically enclica messenger

Special thanks to the following people note some are online names and not irl names. Contributer: vistax64 KonradCzerw Contributer: furry Contributer: Gamerappa Tester: Wilber Tester: Aruna the fluffy wolfie